Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel Workshops

The Saucon Creek Watershed Association in conjunction with the Lehigh County
Conservation District often conducts workshops that guide residents through the
process of constructing their own fully functioning rain barrels. District staff
and Watershed Association members have tools to share and plenty of rain barrel
building experience to help assemble participant’s barrels. The cost of the
workshop is $35. Residents can also purchase a kit complete with instructions
and all the necessary parts to construct a rain barrel on your own.

Rain barrels are great water-saving devices and ideal for gardens! The barrel
sits underneath a downspout to collect water from the roof each rain event; the
water can be saved and used to water plants in your yard. This helps save
groundwater resources, utilizes higher quality water for plants, decreases water
and sewer bills and also reduces the amount of pollution that could be picked up
from the rain water as it passes over driveways and roads (which are laden with
motor oil, road salt, etc.) before entering our local streams and rivers.

If your are interested in a rain barrel kit or attending the next workshop,
please e-mail Erin Frederick at  efrederick at lehighconservation dot org


A special thanks to the Weyerbacher Brewing Company for donating barrels.

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