We now have Water!

Hello Everyone,

The rain barrel is now full of water.  You can fill your watering cans to water your plants, we will try to maintain keeping it full, although 55 gallons should last us a little while!





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2 responses to “We now have Water!

  1. Mike Walters

    Water protocall? Hi all, just wondering what the water protocall is at the garden? I was wondering if we are allowed to use the hose to fill the 55 gallon drum if we notice that it is empty? No big deal, just if this is possible, thought that it might take the burden off of one or two individuals? Anyway, the drum was empty earlier today… amazing how little rain we’ve had since planting, go figure! Ha ha! Just another one of mother nature’s wonders!

    • I think we need to coordinate a watering schedule. One item would be to fill the rain barrel once or twice a week, and probably to lend a hand with watering plots that really need it, especially if someone was unable to make it out.

      I think we should have a gathering to talk about these issues and come up with some plan…

      Another item is the mowing around the plots. When we have an actual shed we could probably get a lawn mower and/or weed whacker.

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