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Gardener Meeting Tonight!

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

All our vegetables look lovely! 

We have not all met together as a group, and I think we are as Bill Arnold and Rich suggested at a good point to do so.

Tonight at 6:30PM in the church library, we will be having a general meeting for all of our gardeners, to talk about garden tasks, hear any concerns, and just generally follow up with everyone as well as assign a schedule for watering and trimming.  We’ve have some volunteers, and I want to coordinate with them to see what will work for them.

 Andy Hurysz and Rich have been busy working on making the shed plans come to fruition!  A Big thank you to them!  We got our soil tests of the church ground and it has come up clean, we have no lead or arsenic from what I can tell.  However, the church ground is missing many nutrients.  Fortunately, we have received richer dirt from Green Pond, Rich and the Bethlehem Compost Center so I think that was a wise decision. 

 Also wanted to have anyone share their thoughts about where things stand, what we could do better, and how we continue to keep things going, especially division of tasks, future workdays, etc.

 If you know of anyone else that would like to be involved, please invite them to join us!

 Thanks again for all your wonderful work!  Happy Gardening!



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