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Garden Update

Hi Everyone,

Produce continues to roll in and is beginning to ramp up.  On Thursday we had another donation of zuchinni, squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, a big bag of beans, peppers and more chard.   I would estimate this donation to be about 20-25 lbs. 

Great work and thank you everyone.  Here are some pictures!

Happy Gardening,


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Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Just to give a progress update, Rich picked several squash and zucchini from his garden, and the Caskies have donated some lettuce.  The produce was displayed on the church altar along with other goods for Food Bank Sunday.  This donation is sure to be our biggest at about 25 lbs.  On 6/30 we also made a donation of beets, basil, and chard about 8lbs. from the Hurysz garden.

Andy has made outstanding progress on the shed, the doors are hung, Rich has hung shingles.  Things are coming together nicely.

Just a side note:  We are looking to reposition the rain barrels.  Please do not fill them, but rather use the water in them as much as possible until they are almost empty.  That will make lifting them much easier!

Keep up the great work, and happy gardening!

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