329 lbs and counting!

Hi everyone,

We had 2 pickups last week as well as the week before bringing our grand total to 329 lbs. and counting.   Outstanding work everyone!!!!   We had a variety of tomatoes eggplant, peppers, hot peppers, a few squash and a couple small mellons. 

That last few weeks of storms have hit some of our tomatoes hard, I myself had several that have split open.  Hopefully the rain will subside a bit and we can continue to get healthy produce!

I notice several people with plots that have plenty of produce ready to pick.  There will be a pickup on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this week, so if you are able please get out to harvest.  We will have a box on the steps, and or boxes in the shed that you can put your donations in. 

In the next few weeks, I would like to hold a general meeting as well as a work day to finish up some remaining.  Stay tuned for more information. 

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