Thanks Everyone! Great Day!

Hello everyone,

 I just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone who made it out today, look forward to seeing everyone next week as well!  It was the highlight of my day to see so many of you today.

 We had a great day, the weather was awesome and we accomplished a lot.  The potatoes were certainly a big surprise.  Rich and I planted potatoes in our beds, I had pretty much gave up on them when the plants wilted.  But Rich knew better!  He dug in with his pitchfork and started pulling out an amazing batch of potatoes.  We did the same in my plot and the children’s plot.  I would say we had a good 15 pounds of tomatoes.  We are putting together another donation for Monday morning, and I would say it’s going to be fairly sizeable.  We have definitely hit over 600 pounds of produce donated this season!

 Thanks everyone!



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