Free Electronics Recycling!

Hello Fellow Gardeners,

I thought I would pass this along!!

If you have old electronics including televisions, computers, monitors, etc.  at home that you have been waiting to dispose of,  there is a place that will take them for free.  They are over in the industrial park by LVIA.  Many municipalities charge a per item fee for the same equipment, and have limited events where you can bring your gear.  I dropped off some of our electronics yesterday and met the president, and they have been expanding by word of mouth.  There was recently a short blurb about him in The Morning Call.,0,5587821.column

Phone: 484.866.0927

795 Roble Road
Allentown, PA 18109

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10AM to 5PM
3rd Saturday of Every Month – 9AM to 11AM
Call for Drop-Off Day


Johnny S. Johnson

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