GASLAND Screening at Wesley Church – May 5,2012 at 7:00PM (Sanctuary)

Concerned about “fracking” in Pennsylvania?

Wesley Church and the Community Garden will be hosting a screening of the Josh Fox documentary “GASLAND” which explores “fracking,” also known as hydraulic fracturing. Fracking is the process used to extract natural gas from shale rock formations deep within the earth. Fracking makes it possible to extract natural gas that was previously considered unreachable. Large portions of Pennsylvania and New York are considered part of the Marcellus Shale region, which contains a large, but untapped reserve of natural gas. The process involves drilling deep into the shale and injecting high-pressure chemicals and massive amounts of water that fracture the shale which releases the natural gas. Because of the chemicals involved and the potential to contaminate drinking water this process is very controversial. Following the movie, Julie Edgar, organizer of Lehigh Valley Gas Truth will take your questions and provide ways to share your concerns. Please come, and invite anyone who would like to become aware of these issues.

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