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Garden Updates — Asparagus & Strawberries Planted

Hello Everyone!

We had a great turnout last Saturday. We accomplished a great deal! The new area is tilled and ready to go. Thank you to Bob Cullen again for the use of the tiller! It was great to meet Jamie, and he was a big help. Also thanks to Steve Caskie and Mike Walters for their help in finishing up the area and dumping the chunks of sod.

Rich & Alicia helped me plant the 75 Asparagus plants and 25 Strawberries. Believe it or not with all this rain they’ve managed to perk up already. I was out this evening and ran into Sue Kiefner and her kids, it was great see them excited about the garden too. While I was out there I watered the asparagus and buried them up to their crowns again. It anyone gets out there in the next few days, could you possibly do the same. We keep mounding up the dirt until we are back to ground level.

I will be out of town this weekend, but you all are welcome to have a work day without me, I know the fencing still needs some final touches, such as securing the fencing to the posts with wire strands, and prehaps some other minor adjustments. I also know we need to come up with a plan for mapping out the new area, and deciding how we can best share the area. Also noticed a few plots are overrun with weeds, and look like they haven’t been tended yet. This weekend might be a great opportunity to start that, as it’s almost time for plants like tomatoes and peppers.

We should probably have a meeting at the church too in the near future to coordinate tasks and talk things out. I will start by planning for another work day on May 26th at 10:00AM.

Thanks again, I’m thankful for each one of you and all your contributions to this project, and I can’t wait until we get our first big harvest!

Also below are some pictures from this season so far.

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Jason & Jaimee

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