Empty Boxes Needed for Harvests

As summer blossoms, so do our gorgeous vegetable plants and the fruits of our labor are growing rapidly. At this time we need to gather some empty boxes to have on hand to take our veggies to the local soup kitchens and food banks.

We currently have one volunteer taking produce to New Bethany Ministries on Thursday mornings. If you have anything you’d like her to take, just place in a bag or box and leave at the front door of the church by 8 a.m. She’ll stop by and take it over for us.

Also, if you decide to deliver your veggies to a soup kitchen or food bank yourself, please report what you donated so we can track how much produce we give away.

The gardens are looking beautiful and we are so happy to be able to give over half our harvest to those who need some fresh veggies and fruit. Happy gardening!

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