Garden Update — 365 lbs. donated

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send some updates from the garden.

I have good news. I haven’t been tallying our numbers, and was surprised when I finally did. I’ve come up with a new total donated this season. So far we are up to 365 lbs. of donated produce! Wednesday night I ran into Sue Kiefner and Anna, and we picked quite a few tomatoes especially cherry tomatoes. We also saw 4 deer off in the distance, which I did manage to get a picture of. Below are a few pictures

Over the last 2 weeks we have been busy harvesting about twice a week (Sunday & Wednesday nights), and have been averaging 3+ boxes of produce each harvest. Tomatoes are coming from everywhere! Please get out and pick some tomatoes if you can, if we keep up we will have much fewer split tomatoes. However just because a tomato has split doesn’t mean we can’t use it. As long as it’s not soft or rotted, or oozing, it can still be edible. A lot of times you can just cut off the bad part and have a perfectly wonderful tomato. Another thing I’ve observed is that I’ve had better results this summer by picking them slightly early and let them ripen indoors in the sunlight, rather than risk spoiling. Some of our tomatoes are having their bottoms rot out, which seems like some sort of fungus, but that seems to be confined to a small number of plants.

Thank you to Andy for mowing the lawn inside the garden! It looks great. Also a reminder that the church is selling Chili, there is an order form for Chili in the shed. Orders are being accepted through September 12th.

Thank you everyone for effort regarding the garden. The garden is looking great, but I think we all need to get together for a workday in the next two weeks. Let’s plan for next Saturday at about 10AM. There is a lot we can clean up and get ready for fall.

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Jason & Jaimee

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