Garden Update — 550 lbs. Donated!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone again for all their great work this summer. As the garden winds down we have much to be thankful for. We have hit the 550 lb. milestone with 4 smaller donations since the last update. We are still short of last year’s 607 lbs., but I think we have an opportunity to meet or surpass that goal, depending on how much time we have left. There are many green tomatoes still on many vines, and some great looking ones at that. We also have peppers and one or two other things still coming in.
In the first part of October 10/6 and 10/12, we should get together as a group and start clearing the beds out in preparation for the fall. Of course for those interested, you can still plant fall vegetables.

Here’s a schedule I found somewhere:
Beans 8/6 – 8/27
Broccoli 7/23 – 8/6 (from seed, add four weeks for transplants)
Cabbage 7/23 – 8/6 (from seed, add four weeks for transplants)
Cauliflower 7/23 – 8/6 (from seed, add four weeks for transplants)
Collards 7/9 – 8/6
Kale 8/6 – 9/17
Lettuce 9/3 – 9/17
Spinach 9/3 – 9/17
Peas 8/6 – 9/3

Also Garlic, shallots, etc. can also go in for next summer.

Enjoy some pictures below!

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Jason & Jaimee

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