Garden Update — 606 lbs. Donated for 2012 Season!

Hello Gardeners!

Thanks to everyone that made it out Saturday, we had a great time of fellowship and garden clearing! We also were able to collect the last of what remained harvestable in most of the plots, considering the freeze we had on Friday night / Saturday morning. We’ll get together again this Saturday (10/20) to continue working on clean up.

I was pleasantly surprised to put the boxes on the scale, we had 20 lbs. in the bigger box, and two smaller 10 lbs. boxes for a total donation of over 40 lbs. We had lots of tomatoes, some lovely peppers, both green and some hot peppers. We had some carrots and kale. What this means is that we were at 566 lbs. and another 40 lbs. has now put us at 606 lbs., which is ironically within 1 lb. of last year’s 607. Tremendous effort! Not to mention some of you have fall veggies that may yield a bit more.

We tried to look for potatoes, but we came up empty handed, better luck next season!!!

I’m so proud of all the hard work you have done, and truly appreciate all the help each of you have provided during the season.

Also, thank you to Ron for mowing the garden after the clean-up.

Enjoy the pictures below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has been a tremendous blessing to work with you all, and what a joy it has been to see the fruits of our labor have gone on to benefit those in need.

Thank you all!
Jason & Jaimee

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