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Garden Updates — 06/14/2013 — 10 lbs. donated.

Hello Gardeners,

Just wanted to update everyone on things going on at the garden. Things are growing pretty well at the garden, especially from all the rain. I’m sad to say however, the strawberries are pretty much done. They were wonderful while they lasted, and I hope you all were able to get some. I still encourage you to check and grab some if you find any.

We have made 3 donations to date all taken to New Bethany Ministries.

6/3/2013 – I donated about 4 lbs. of Strawberries this was from our first batch of Strawberries.
6/10/2013 – Took another bag picked by Pam and I. It amounted to another 3 lbs. of Strawberries.
6/13/2013 – I picked some radishes, arugula and another small batch of strawberries. We probably donated about 3 lbs.

If you’ve been keeping up to day, we have dug a trench and ran a waterline up to the shed, thanks to Sue Kiefner, her sister and brother-in-law Steve. I am full of gratitude for the wonderful job they did with the backhoe, and the long hours it took to get the work done. It looks great, and is pretty much functional now as I am writing this. I secured the waterline to the shed, bought a new wand/spray nozzle for the end of the hose. The old one I think leaked as much as it sprayed! I think the hose connecting the faucet to the water line has been redone. I think the 3rd time is the charm. Thanks for your help BillA (your scraped knuckles did not go in vain). I used a clamp rather than the plastic adapter. Also, the wire has been coiled and put behind the shed.

There is no scheduled workday for Saturday, as I will not be out to the garden. However there are some tasks that I can use some volunteers for (I need a group of maybe 1-2 people to help with this, and we can work on this during the week):

1. Finish “the pit”. From all the rain we have received, we need the pit to dry out. This might take a few dry days. When it does, we need to do the following, though please make edits to this as you deem necessary.
a. Rich says we need to extend the pit 1-2 feet closer to the building, so we need to dig.
b. I bought 2 cement blocks to put in the bottom of the pit to stabilize and level the bucket.
c. PVC pipe gets hacksawed off and we need to connect an extension piece of 1-2 ft.
d. Drill hole in Recycling bin (or bucket) to get pipe through.
e. Add PVC connector to Faucet adapter and screw back on.
f. Fill pit around bin/bucket with dirt.
g. Line bucket with 4 bags of gravel.
h. Extra dirt (if any) can be used to fill in sunken in areas where we dug.

2. Lawn Mowing. The Lawn is in desperate need of a trim!

Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!

Jason & Jaimee












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