Garden Updates — 08/21/2013 — 290 lbs. donated to date.

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be at the garden this evening, harvesting and doing a pick up tonight. I expect to be there sometime after 6, and will probably be there until about 7:30PM. It seems that after a mild spell, we are back to some hot and humid days. Jane is keeping an eye on how well our plants are enduring the heat and humidity, and determine if they need to be watered. If we don’t have any rain by Thursday she will water.

Over the course of the last week we have made 2 donations both to New Bethany Ministries. Thank you to Lara Hurysz for making last Thursday’s donation.

08/13 — 25 lbs. to New Bethany –Tomatoes & Squash!
08/16 — 80 lbs. to New Bethany –Tomatoes, Kale, squash, peppers, corn and some beans!

We could use some volunteers to help mow the grass again, as it’s getting long again.

Keep up the wonderful work, and we appreciate everyone’s effort.

See updated photos below:










Jason & Jaimee

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