Garden Updates — 09/09/2013 — 595 lbs. donated!

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone has been enjoying the last few days of nice weather, and everyone is adjusting well to the new school year. Things have been steadily producing at the garden. I was out at the garden last night harvested some tomatoes, peppers and some of my carrots. There are plenty to be had, in fact it would be my suggestion to harvest your produce more frequently as we move into the cool weather. Many tomatoes have over ripened and have gone bad, and some others had started to show signs of blight (a fungus that starts at the bottom of the tomato). However, there are many, many good tomatoes, and at this point even harvesting multiple times a week is probably not sufficient. With that said, I will be out again on Wednesday night again to harvest whatever we can for pick up night. Carol Beach tends to get to the church after 8PM or 9PM, so there is a large time window to harvest. I do hope that you are getting some vegetables for your families as well, there certainly is more than enough for all. Although if you are tired of tomatoes, I certainly understand!

We are rapidly approaching last year’s 606 lbs. it also looks like our 2011 number was 607 lbs., we will certainly break those numbers, and hopefully aim for at least 700 lbs. or even 800 lbs. I would also like us to start thinking about some workdays in early to mid-October to prepare for the fall, as well as a general garden group meeting. I also wanted to see what interest we had in a little class on canning vegetables. Suzanne has offered and expressed an interest in holding a small class on what she has learned about canning.

Thanks again to Steve Caskie who was able to mow the grass in the garden! Also a big thank you to Lara Hurysz for taking those huge donations to New Bethany! Thank you to Jane for watering and keeping an eye on our newly sprouting plot! Thank you to the Kiefner family for all their help with picking! If I missed anyone, thank you too! I truly appreciate everyone’s help!

Below is a list of our last donations.
09/09 — 35 lbs. to New Bethany (Jason) –Tomatoes, Peppers, Carrots and Zucchini!
09/05 — 40 lbs. to Trinity (Carol) –Tomatoes, carrots!
08/29 — 80 lbs. to New Bethany (Lara) –Tomatoes, squash and kale!

Keep up the wonderful work, and we appreciate everyone’s effort.

Look below for updated photos!

Keep up the great work!

Jason & Jaimee









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