Garden Updates — 690 lbs. donated and story!

Good Morning Gardeners,

Happy Monday. I took another 25 lbs. of produce to New Bethany this morning, including 25 lbs. of tomatoes, beans, peppers, and radishes. We will do another pickup on Wednesday night. Also if you are interested, this is a reminder that tonight is the first session of the Sustainable Table Fellowship at the home of Deborah Appler & Bill Arnold. I also wanted to share a heartfelt story. Dan & Karen Brown donated a couple of backpacks, and gave them to me yesterday to take to New Bethany.

I took the backpacks and some garden produce to New Bethany this morning, and Brandy (one of the staff), said backpacks, are you kidding me! I said, no these are for you. Then she proceeded to tell me the story of a mother who has some mental disabilities, of very little means and has been raising a daughter who is now attending Freedom High School. Every day this woman would come in and ask if they had any backpacks for her daughter, who has been carrying her books to and from school every day. Every day, Brandy had to tell this woman no, she didn’t have any backpacks for her. She was so excited now, that she could give this woman a backpack for her daughter. She knew of our backpack program and she praised it very highly. She said over the last 13 years that she’s been there not too many stories get to her, but this woman’s story really broke her heart. Thank you so much! This is a great reminder of the value or the work we do.

Jason & Jaimee

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