Garden Updates 10/13/2013 — 850 lbs. donated

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to update everyone that our garden is still producing! We had 3 full boxes of tomatoes, assorted peppers, and kale! We continue to break our record and we are still not done yet! Congratulations to everyone.

We will try to keep the garden going as long as possible, but I would like to get us together for a few clean-up days in the near future. Stay tuned for more information, this will certainly depend on schedules as well as the weather.

In other news, our last Sustainable Table group took a trip to the Bethlehem Food Coop meeting. Not only did we get to hear about the food co-op, but also we treated to some tasty treats prepared by Jaime K. of the local blog and show called “Save the Kales!” She posted recipes for her treats which I will post on the Garden Website shortly. . The Bethlehem Food Co-op has a plan for opening a storefront sometime in 2015, but in order to achieve that, they need members. I strongly urge everyone to consider becoming a member (

Below are the last few donations:

09/26 — 40 lbs. to New Bethany –Tomatoes, peppers, and kale (Carol).
10/03 — 15 lbs. to Trinity –Tomatoes, peppers, and kale (Carol).
10/10 — 60 lbs. to Trinity –Tomatoes, peppers, and kale (Carol).

Keep up the wonderful work, and we appreciate everyone’s effort.

Please see below for the latest pictures.

Jason & Jaimee






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