Garden Updates 11/13/2013 — 940 lbs. donated

Hello Everyone,

Just some updates since the last time. Some of you were able to make it out to clean up your plots. On Saturday, a small group of us were able to make out and we made a great deal of progress. A big thank you to everyone who made it out including Andy, Lara, and Suzanne, as well as to Megan for the cider and donuts! We were able to clear out about half of the big area, pulling everything out and putting them into trash bags.

Andy was able to mow the grass, and after a few passes, it’s looking great again! Thank you!

We were pleasantly surprised to find two little pumpkins and a watermelon, that we were able to take to New Bethany.

11/11 — 15 lbs. to New Bethany – Kale, Pumpkins, Watermelon and a few Carrots. (Jason).

We will get together again on Saturday November 16th around 10:00AM, to hopefully finish things off for the season.






Thanks again for all your efforts!

Jason & Jaimee Walters

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