First Garden Meeting 2014

Hello Everyone!

 It’s that time of year again! Spring is upon us and it’s time to get together to have our first garden meeting of the season. We have plenty to talk about for the upcoming season. We can discuss new ideas and ways to get the most out of our garden. If you know of anyone interested in gardening with us, please bring them along! All are welcome!

 We are proposing one of the following dates to meet:

April 10th at 7:30PM (Thursday).           

April 13th at 12:00PM (Sunday) after the second service.

 Please let me know which of these dates you may be available and we will make a final plan.

 A couple of weeks ago we started seeds in Bill & Deborah’s basement. We planted roughly 200 seeds. This year again, we have a variety of tomato and pepper plants. We are excited to see how our seeds bloom!

 Looking forward to seeing you all!


Jason & Jaimee


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