Garden Updates — 04/25/2014

Hello Everyone,

 Just wanted to give everyone a little update on a few things including some progress that was made over the last two days.

 Ron was able to re-configure the rain barrels, and they should be ready for water. Thanks Ron! If someone has a chance, it would be good if someone can check the water line up to the shed, and fill the barrels. This should be a simple task. Just make sure the drain plug/cap is screwed on before attempting to connect the church’s water spigot to the connection in the bucket.

 I was able to bag about 4 bags of stalky vegetation from the open area and a couple beds. I was also able to till about half of the open area. It turned out nice, however, it would be good to rake some of the loose weeds out of it so they don’t re-root.   Actually, anything that can be done to clean up would be a big help. Taking down the broken wash line, etc.

 While I was out there last night Laura (the neighbor behind the church), approached us about the very subject of bee hives we were discussing. She has been taking classes and has prepared to build a bee hive. She asked if it would be okay if she put her hives on her property but near the garden. She mentioned that she has a pond which is a good water source for the bees, and out garden would be ideal because of the flowers. I told her we were talking about that very subject of having a hive, but knew very little about it. I think this could be a good opportunity for us to have the benefit of the bees without necessarily having to get involved in the upkeep.

 I heard back from the Sears regarding the lawn mower repair. Unfortunately, I have some bad news there. Their claim is that the reason the mower is not starting easily, and is stalling so frequently, is because the cylinders are scored, and there isn’t much compression to the engine. They said they can’t get a new engine and are returning the mower. I’ll have to pick it up. I believe at this point we only have about $50 wrapped up in it. I guess my question, is this. We have 3 options. I could take it to another shop, and get a second opinion. Perhaps the outcome would be different. We could search for a used mower in good condition, or we could just try to make do with the mower we have. Please let me know your thoughts.

 Tomorrow is Bread for the Bread for the World Workshop, and Sunday is the annual MS Walk, so I probably won’t have much of an opportunity to get there this weekend, but please, continue without me J





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