Garden Updates 05/11/2014 — First donations — 5 lbs.

First and foremost, I wanted to wish all you mothers a very wonder Mother’s Day. The weather was gorgeous, and I hope you were all able to enjoy your special day!

 I wanted to send out some updates on the garden since the last posting!

 We have made our first donation of asparagus to New Bethany Ministries. Lisa was able to harvest and donate 3 lbs. I was out this evening and also harvested about 2 lbs. which I will take tomorrow morning. If you haven’t had any asparagus from the garden and would like to, there are new sprouts almost every day or two. I’m not sure how much longer it will be around, but I can attest to the fact that it’s very good, and was well worth the wait.

 Last Saturday (5/10) we had a workday and got quite a bit done. We have put weed block down in between each of the raised beds, fastened to the ground with garden staples. This should easy the mowing process quite a bit. I would like to put hay down. Does anyone know a good source for hay? We were also able to finish tilling the large open area. We need to get some weed block down in that area soon, to prevent the weeds from growing again. We were also able to test the water line up to the shed, and it survived the winter well! Also, the rain barrels have been re-configured and connected back to the shed roof, and they have already filled thanks to the rain (thanks Ron!). Laura our neighbor also showed us the bee hives she built over the winter and her attended placement. She’s willing to work with anyone interested in learning about the bees or bee keeping.

 On Thursday, Jaimee and I went to Deborah and Bill’s to move our tomato and pepper plants to larger cups. They should be ready to be planted in the ground in the next few weeks.

 I would like to have the next scheduled work day be 5/17/2014 from 9:00AM-12:00PM. I would like to see if it may be possible to get a group together to get manure to spread before we do a lot of planting.

Pictures below:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



Jason & Jaimee

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