Garden Updates — 05/29/2014

Hello Gardeners!


We have some good news.   Things are moving along nicely at the garden.  Last weekend, Sue’s sister Sandy was able to help us out by picking up 12 bales of Straw at Seiple’s farm.  I laid about 4 bales out in between beds.  We still have plenty to use, so feel free to grab whatever you need.


Lisa and I had an adventurous trek to get some manure for the garden today.  We were able to get a load of horse manure from Hope Lock Farms in Bethlehem Township, and a load of Alpaca manure from Blankstone Alpaca Farms in Center Valley.  Both loads are next to the open area in the garden, and are available for your beds as you plant as well.


Even better news is this Saturday May 31st, we will do our planting.  We will have our pepper and tomato plants available that Bill and Deborah raised from seeds.


I hope you can join us on Saturday, we should be getting started around 10AM.  If you cannot make it please, let me know and I will save some plants for you (please let me know how many plants as well).


If you are aware there is also a hazardous waste drop off event going on at Northampton Community College starting at 8:30AM.  If you have old paints, oil, gas, mercury, batteries this event will allow you to dispose of them responsibly and for free.  This is for residents of Northampton County.





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