Garden Updates — 07/16/2014 — 24 lbs. Donated!

Hello Gardeners!

If you have not been out to the garden lately, the last week or two of rain have really made things take off! Everything looks healthy and great! We have an astounding number of squash plants blossoming.  The corn has grown really tall, and the asparagus has been ferning quite nicely. I see many green tomatoes.   With it however come the weeds! I want to urge you to get out there to weed your plots. There are a few plots where weeds are starting to take over. It’s a great time to catch them now before things get out of hand. We should do the same in the open area, to at least make sure we have a walking path or access point to our plants.

 We have been steadily making donations and things now will start to roll in more quickly!

 07/17/2014 – 12 lbs. – Purple & Green Beans, Peas, Squash, Cucumbers, New Bethany Ministries

07/14/2014 – 5 lbs. – 6 large Squash, to Trinity Soup Kitchen by Sue Kiefner

07/09/2014 –2 lbs. – Green Beans, to New Bethany Ministries by Lara Hurysz & Youth Group


This plus our initial 5 lbs. puts us at about 24 lbs. donated this season.

Thank you everyone for all your work. I appreciate everyone’s contribution greatly for this worthwhile Mission.


See the latest pictures below.



Jason & Jaimee


WP_20140716_20_40_53_Pro WP_20140716_19_59_15_Pro WP_20140716_19_59_21_Pro WP_20140716_19_59_28_Pro WP_20140716_19_59_50_Pro WP_20140716_20_00_04_Pro WP_20140716_20_01_16_Pro WP_20140716_20_01_41_Pro WP_20140716_20_04_20_Pro WP_20140716_20_20_16_Pro WP_20140716_20_21_58_Pro WP_20140716_20_30_47_Pro WP_20140716_20_32_31_Pro WP_20140716_20_34_45_Pro  




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