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Garden Updates — 08/27/2014 — 383 lbs. Donated

Hello Everyone,


Just some updates. Sunday night we were able to harvest another 46 lbs. of produce which was delivered on Monday.  Carol or I will be doing another pickup this evening (Wednesday), if you can please come out and harvest.


08/25/2014 – 46 lbs. – Beans, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Squash, Carrots, Corn, – New Bethany Ministries  (Jason).


 Some updated pictures are below:


WP_20140825_08_44_11_Pro WP_20140825_08_44_18_Pro WP_20140824_17_50_15_Pro WP_20140824_17_50_48_Pro WP_20140824_18_29_20_Pro WP_20140824_18_29_24_Pro WP_20140824_18_29_26_Pro WP_20140825_08_44_00_Pro



Jason & Jaimee


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