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Garden Updates — 09/02/2014 — 507 lbs. Donated

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day.  Over the last week, we’ve experienced a sharp increase in produce, primarily due to the tomatoes finally coming in.  We have had a number of deliveries since last week when I last posted updates.  Thank you for everyone’s help!  Thank you to Jane and Sue for watering.  Thank you to Pete and family for making the delivery on Friday, and thank you everyone for the produce, including those who were able to stop up or leave some produce in front of the church for us.  We’ll try to do another harvest tomorrow for Carol, there are still plenty of tomatoes to pick. 

When I was at New Bethany this morning, I ran into Fiona who said since Lehigh University’s harvest is also coming in, they are preparing baskets of produce that they give out each morning.  She said they can use all they can get, so our produce was much appreciated.  Anything that gets there by around 10:00AM has a chance of being included.

Here are the latest donations:

08/28/2014 — 25 lbs. — Beans, Tomatoes and pepper. — New Bethany Ministries (Carol).

08/29/2014 — 37 lbs. —  Squash, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans — Trinity Soup Kitchen (Peter K.)

09/02/2014 — 12 lbs. — Carrots, Parsnips, Tomatoes — New Bethany Ministries (Jason).

09/03/2014 — 50 lbs. — Tomatoes — New Bethany Ministries (Jason).

See latest pictures below:

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Jason & Jaimee

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