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Garden Updates — 04/30/2015

Hello Gardeners!

We wanted to give a quick hello to our three new gardeners this year! Welcome goes out to the Preschool, the Lockhart family and to Gretchen Van Velsor and Sandy Evans. Looking forward to working with everyone as the season evolves! For all the new members, there should now be laminated cards with your name stapled to the raised bed. Everything is marked correctly, but if not please let us know.

Thank you to Jane for watering the plots that have been planted. Just a note to anyone who has not planted any seeds yet. In order to be most effective with watering, sometimes it’s not obvious where the rows are. It would be helpful if your rows have some sort of marker to indicate where the seeds are. This can be popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, a rock, or whatever you might find floating around the garden.

We have accomplished quite a bit of cleanup, and already were able to rebuild 4 of the raised beds (Thanks Andy & Keith!!). For the most part we are ready to go. The tomato, pepper and eggplant that we have started from seeds are just about ready for planting. I think we will target Sunday May 17th for planting. There are many plants to share.

Here are the varieties of tomatoes and peppers: Abe Lincoln Heirloom, Big Pink Hybrid, Box Car Willie (Tomatoes), California Wonder, Grand Bell Mix, and Sweet Ruby Hybrid (Peppers) with a few habaneros.

The asparagus is coming in very quickly. A few became curled because of the cold weather we had last week, but most are shooting out. Only getting there once a week at this point is probably not sufficient. If you can make it out there during the week to get some please do.

Last week and this week are somewhat busy, but I could use some volunteers willing to trim around the beds, mow the lawn, and run the string along the top of the fence posts to keep the deer out, and continued cleanup. There are more contractor garbage bags under the picnic table.

We would like to propose the following dates for the next work dates:

Saturday May 9th 10AM-12:00PM
Sunday May 17th 12:00PM-2:30PM

Thanks, and see below for latest pictures!

Jason & Jaimee















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