Garden Updates — 08/08/2015 — 235 lbs. donated

Hello Gardeners,

Just wanted to send out a quick note with our latest donations. Thank you Suzanne for the beautiful squash. Tomatoes should be coming in soon! I will be out on Sunday around 1:00pm to pick up any produce left at the picnic table. I’ll leave some extra boxes in the shed in case anyone needs them. Remember E-A-T.

Also, Trinity soup kitchen is closed this week from 08/07/2015 through 08/16/2015 for some maintenance.

I have two donations to report:

08/03/2015 – 15 lbs. – Squash, beans, peas – Trinity Soup Kitchen (Jason)
08/06/2015 – 24 lbs. – Box of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, dill, peppers, peas, kale! – Trinity Soup Kitchen (Jason)

Good job everyone, thank you for all your support!

Please see the below for latest pictures:








Jason & Jaimee

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