Garden Updates — 04/13/2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a good first meeting, kicking things off for the new season, and that includes some new faces. Welcome!

I wanted to summarize what we discussed especially for those who were unable to be there.

Our First item of business is that we have planned the first Garden Workday to be Sunday, April 24th at 12:00PM – though some of us may start after the first service. We will be doing some replacement of raised beds, tilling, and general garden clean up. It is my hope to have some manure or compost available for that first workday.

We have four new members. Everlyne Omari, her sister, Tony Pombrio, and the Foster family, again the garden extends great welcomes to these folks!

We discussed that in the coming season in order to be fair, we will be dividing the open space up into areas proportional to the raised beds you have, though you may pool space together with other members, and that space does not need to be contiguous.

Presented was the concept of 6 or more members willing to come together to raise only one or two crops in their plots to maximize the amount of that crop and exchanging with others. This may also give us opportunities to sell some of these crops at church as available. Several members are interested in this approach.

Jason presented the budget and the question was raised about possibly raising the plot fees as they have kept steady over the last few years. It was decided that for this year the fee would remain the same, but an increase would be considered for the 2017 season. However anyone wishing to contribute or donate extra would be welcome to do so. Our budget has remained steady at about $500 allowing for one or two expenses over the season. We have about $100 left over from the prior season.

Regarding the plot maintenance we will be replacing wood for 7 raised beds, bringing our total plots replaced to 11, the remaining 6 will be replaced in 2017 at an approximate cost of $315. Sue also raised the issue that some of the dirt in her plot would need to be removed from the yellow jackets and spray used during last season.

Andy strongly recommended that the garden purchase a gas powered trimmer that will be in the shed ready for anyone to use.

Mike presented an idea of creating a running task list on the garden website for those who are unable to make the regularly scheduled work days, but could offer some help at other times. Jason will look into implementing something like this on the web site.

The idea was also discussed about purchasing a compost tumbler so we can begin to properly compost some of our materials. This will be researched further, to hopefully find a practical but economical solution. Once such a solution is in place we could train everyone.

Also, we passed around some sample seed pods for cucumbers and peppers from miracle grow that Jason’s sister gave us. There are more available..

Jason & Jaimee

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