Garden Updates — 05/04/2016

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to reach out to everyone, and say I know we are running a little behind and everyone is very anxious to get planting, especially since we’ve been getting a lot of rain. However, the same rain is preventing us from getting the remaining boxes constructed. Since our last workday, Rich and Chris were out and managed to put two beds together, but there are still two or so left.

I’m able to make it out to the garden on Saturday around 3PM. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it out before then. If anyone can come out and help get the remaining beds together and help with tilling the open area that would be super. I will leave my cordless drill, with screws and mallet in the shed.

The next date after that for our next workday would be Sunday, May 15th 12:00PM – ?. Ideally, we should really be planting around that time.

Jason & Jaimee

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