Garden Update — 05/10/2016

Hello Gardeners,

I was able to make it out on Saturday and with the help of Evarlyne one of our new members this year, was able to complete putting the remaining two raised beds together.

We are planning a workday on Sunday, May 15th. We will need to cut the grass again, till the open area, and of course prepare your bed for planting. I have some seeds, but you may want to pick up some plants.

Regarding the open space, here’s what I’ve come up with. The open area is now 60’ x 35’. I subdivided it into 16 sections equal. That equates to a 7.5’ x 17.5’ area or (131 sq ft.). I marked every 7.5’ with a stake. Everyone having a plot can have the opportunity to claim one of those spaces or pool your spaces together with another family. I am reserving a space for Gabriel Jafari.


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