Garden Updates — 08/31/2016 — 423 lbs. Donated

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to let everyone know the latest harvests. On Sunday we harvested about 15 lbs. mostly tomatoes and some beans left by the Gilberte’s but also a melon. Dropped off at Trinity Monday morning. Today Sue picked onions and carrots from her plot as well as tomatoes and beans. I was able to pick some additional tomatoes, various squash, a nice eggplant, kale, and some more beans. 58 lbs. in all, quite a lovely harvest! That will also go to Trinity tomorrow. I picked a couple ears of corn, but it’s not looking so good this year.

On Sunday Jaimee and I mowed the garden area, but there is still a lot of trimming and weeding to be done. Anyone able to pitch in would be helpful.








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