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Garden Updates — 09/21/2016 — 540 lbs. donated

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to thank everyone that was able to make it out to the garden last week. Sue was up at the garden yesterday afternoon, and I was up there in the evening. Together we harvested 45 lbs. Sue had 9 lbs. of awesome looking carrots, tomatoes, beans, onions, peppers and peas. Someone left some squash and a nice little pumpkin on the picnic table, thanks! I also got a nice eggplant from Kearnie’s plant. These donations were taken to Second Harvest.

As the summer draws to a close, we should look towards having a couple of workdays to clean up the garden and make our final harvests. I was thinking October 8th and October 15th both Saturdays (10AM – 2PMish). We could potentially make one of them a Sunday depending on interest. Please give some feedback if you may be able to help one of those days or if you have another preference.







Jason & Jaimee

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Garden Updates –09/08/2016 — 495 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners,

Wanted to update you on the latest from the garden. On Tuesday (9/6) I dropped off 65 lbs. of produce to Second Harvest Food Bank, on 6969 Silvercrest Rd, just a couple minutes up 512N towards Bath. They even weigh the produce and give you a receipt which I thought was nice. Wanted to thank Chris for picking the squash, there were quite a few there! Additionally, I was able to get some tomatoes, peppers beans, kale, basil, and a couple last cucumbers. Today Evarlyne dropped off 7 lbs. of tomatoes to Second Harvest as well. This brings our total to 495 lbs.

The squash bugs have pretty much ravaged the plants and are now taking cover on and under the squash or pumpkins themselves. I’m not sure if they will have an adverse effect on the fruit themselves, but we probably should start thinking about picking the rest as well.






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