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Garden Updates — 10/01/2016 — 592 lbs. Donated

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to give everyone an update. Sue and I were up at the Garden earlier this week and we harvested 52 lbs. of mostly sweet potatoes what a harvest.
Took to Second Harvest on 9/28/2016. That brings our total to 592 lbs. donated so far. I know we have some white potatoes to dig up, and I’m sure there will be another harvest worth, but I project we will end the season somewhere around 700 lbs. donated.

Fall is upon us. The cool weather is here and things are winding down. I have heard back from a few of you regarding the proposed dates, so below is what we will go with as far as garden cleanup. We’ll clear beds and the open area, mow, trim, empty rain barrels and otherwise prepare for winter.

Saturday October 8th at 10AM-??
Sunday October 16th at 10AM-2PM (allowing time for people at either service to show up).





Jason & Jaimee

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