Garden Updates — 03/25/2017

Hello Gardeners,

Wanted to update everyone with notes from our first meeting last week. Thank you to all in attendance, I think we had a great first meeting.

We welcomed our visitors Ken and Betty W. who are new to the area and may be interested in having a plot with us this season.

After a brief review of the previous season, and the grant we received from the Bethlehem Rotary Club, we discussed that most of those funds would be used for replacing soil and lumber this season. We also discussed that last season we had a bit of a deficit. We agreed to raise the cost of a plot this season to $30.

We talked about focusing on raised beds mostly this summer, and limiting our growing space in the open area to the front half. This would cut down on maintenance, watering, weeding, etc. This would also cut down the amount of rototilling we would need to do. Since we have not had much success with corn, we are going to hold off on growing any this season. Ben M. expressed his interest in growing more kale in that area, Sue K. expressed some interest in growing more potatoes and Rich expressed some interest in growing squash.

Watering was discussed. Mike S. brought up some ideas regarding the use of T connectors as a means to experiment with water pressure and also cut down on the need for one big hose but rather some smaller runs. This could potentially allow two people to water simultaneously, which could cut down on time. We agreed to purchase some new hoses, Keith K. brought up the idea of trying some expandable hoses that shrink down to a manageable size when empty, this would make the hose not so heavy and cumbersome.

We talked about strawberries! Sue K., brought up that our strawberry patch is only supposed to last 3 or 4 years, which may explain why we are having some issues. We decided to purchase new strawberry roots and plant a new patch in a new area, though it may take another year to see fruit. Either we would dig out the current patch or letting it go one more year to see if there is any fruit. In either case there was some enthusiasm for having another strawberry festival.

Another topic was litter in the garden. Chris F. brought up that last season we had lots of trash laying around in the garden area. It is important to remember that everyone needs to take your trash with you when you leave the garden. If you have small children, please remember to pick up after them. There is no excuse for leaving trash at the garden.

Meg K. brought up that the picnic table is in need of repair and that bees started nesting in it. Although, sanding and painting is an option, the wood is starting to rot. We discussed some options for replacing the picnic table. Or first option may be to ask the congregation if there is anyone willing to donate a picnic table. Plastic table versus wooden table was discussed. Our preference would be a wooden table, but due to cost constraints we may have to compromise on a plastic table.

Mike S. talked about some ideas for better distributing tasks and holding sign-ups. Sue K., mentioned sign up genius could potentially work for managing those tasks.

Jason mentioned that the Rodale Institute is holding their cold plant sale for lettuce, broccoli, kale, and herbs on 04/07-04/08 and 10AM-4PM. The organic plant sale will be on 05/12-05/13 10AM-4PM this year.

We discussed two initial work dates. This would be for bed repair and initial garden cleanup. Saturday April 15th at 9:00AM, and Sunday April 23rd at about 10:00AM. Rich discussed the possibility of renting the rototiller on the morning of April 29th.

That about covers everything for this time around. Please Email the group if you have any questions.


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