Garden Updates — 04/25/2017

Hello Gardeners!

I wanted to thank everyone that was able to make it out over the last two work dates. We had a nice turn out on both weekends. I really appreciate your hard work. We’ve been able to get quite a head start on the season. We’ve been able to rebuild 5 of our raised beds, which was our goal! A new patch of strawberries have been planted! Tremendous work! We have also been turn the soil and replenish the beds with some fresh mushroom compost. This should make a considerable difference in our yield this season. Sunday was really special as we had a visit from the Hurysz family! It was really great to see them! Andy said next visit we will let him know so he won’t be in his “work” clothes!

Our next workday will be on April 29th, from about 10AM until about noon. We are looking to get the grass mowed one way or another (!!) and trim around the fence. We’ll also want to spread the remaining compost throughout the open area. Originally, Rich was going to get a tiller for this date, but will push it back until May 6th – by then we ought to have the compost spread. Another small group of us should be able to finish these tasks.

Stay tuned for more exciting news.

I will post a few pictures on the Garden Website from the last work day:

Jason & Jaimee

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