Garden Updates — 05/09/2017

Hello Gardeners!

On Saturday Rich and I completed the tilling of the open area. So far over the last 4 weeks we moved from box building to replacing soil/compost and finally rototilling. At this point most of the preparation work for us is behind us, but it’s really the beginning of routine stuff like weeding and trimming, with the exception of closing off the fence for the season. We need to put the post back in so we can secure the perimeter from deer, groundhog and any other of our furry friends from the animal kingdom Over the last few months, Jaimee and I have raised a small batch of tomato and pepper plants to share. It will be time to plant in the next week or so, as the threat of frost is now diminishing. Please let me know if you want any and when we could arrange to get them to you.

Giving everyone off for Mother’s day weekend and the Saturday breakfast, I’m proposing the next workday be May 21st from 10:30AM-?. We can begin planting.

In the mean time I need a few people to volunteer for the following tasks, which can be completed on or before the workday.

1. Raking — We need a few people willing to rake some of the weeds and roots that we tilled over out of the garden (2-3 people).
2. Weeding — Hand weed strawberry area. Chris F. started this, but it is tedious work, we need some extra help. (2 people).
3. Fence Closing – Drive fence post back into ground, re-connect and close fencing.
Mowing & Trimming (1-2 people). We will need to fix or replace the lawn mowers. I believe Rich brought his from home last time.
Stay tuned for more information!

Please see updated pictures below:

Jason & Jaimee

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