Garden Updates — 09/29/2017 — 568 lbs. Donated — Work Day Plans

Hello Gardeners,

We’ve had a nice run, especially the last couple of summer like days, but it would certainly appear that things are winding down. I have been steadily harvesting and donating since last reported, and I’m happy to say we have more than 100 lbs. since the last time!

I’d like to schedule the following two dates below for final harvesting and closing the garden for the season. We have a lot of clean up to do, and am hoping we can cover it during these dates. Also, I know we have a nice harvest of potatoes to dig up. I anticipate us being able to meet or exceed last year’s donation totals, which is welcome news!

Work dates planned:

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 – 10AM – ?
Sunday, October 15th, 2017 – following church service – 10:30AM – ?

Latest harvests below:

09/14/2017 –3 lbs. – Second Harvest — Greens!
09/18/2017 — 26 lbs. – New Bethany Ministries – Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers
09/21/2017 — 37 lbs. – Trinity Soup Kitchen – Beans, Tomatoes
09/26/2017 — 26 lbs. – Northeast Ministries – Peppers, Tomatoes, Beans
09/29/2017 – 20 lbs. – Trinity Soup Kitchen – Peppers, lots of hot pepper varieties, Tomatoes

See below for pictures:

Jason & Jaimee

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