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Garden Updates — 07/03/2018 — 10 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners,

First wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone has been surviving the heat wave!

Sue & Rich produced some of our first harvest. Sue brought me the produce last night, which I was able to donate this morning as our first official donation (Thank you Sue!). Some additional items we donated from my sister, 18 bars of soap, 30 kid’s toothbrushes.

I also have our new produce storage bin for out front of the church for collection. More details to follow later.

Our next workday will be Saturday, July 7th 10:00AM – 1:00PM.

Harvest details below:

07/03/2018 – 10 lbs. – Second Harvest – Cabbage, Turnips, Zucchini, Jalapenos, an onion and a couple of radishes.


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