Final Workday Cancelled — Season Total 503 lbs. Donated

Good morning Gardeners,

Wow what a rain last night! Because everything is still soggy and will only make cleanup messy, we will cancel our last formal workday. If your bed still needs to be cleared for the season, I would do so soon. We made some great progress on the last work date, and I know Ben has also done some cleanup, so I believe we are in pretty good shape.

Thank you for a good season! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Chris F. made a donation of 50 lbs. of potatoes on our behalf to New Bethany.

Our final harvests are below:

10/15/2018 – 12 lbs. — Trinity Soul Kitchen — Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes
10/18/2018 – 6 lbs. – Second Harvest — Peppers
10/22/2018 – 11 lbs. – Second Harvest — Peppers, Green Tomatoes
10/29/2018 – 50 lbs. – New Bethany Ministries –Potatoes — Thanks Chris F.!


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