Garden Updates & Work Dates

Hello Gardeners!

We had our first meeting. In attendance was Nicole L, Steve Z, Jaimee, Rich C., and Ben M. showed a little later. We talked mostly about clean up tasks, repairing the fencing, and idea for seed planting. If you have not let me know about your intention for your plot this year, please let me know. I will be reaching out to you.

We scheduled the first two workdays as follows:

4/14 (Sunday) @ 10:30AM – 1:30PM show up after service!
5/4 (Saturday) @ 9:00AM – Saturday morning.

I had delivered (today) 6 cu. yds of Mushroom Soil. This is about half of what we had last year. Primarily we will use this to top off the beds. For the upcoming workday we can focus on clean up and bed preparation. I will also get a spool or two of fencing. Does anyone have a reasonably hefty wire cutter they could bring?

* Also, 4/27 @ 9:00AM is a church wide work clean-up day, it would also helpful if gardeners can lend a helping hand to that effort, especially as there may be some general clean up tasks that overlap! Come for an hour or whatever you can do!

I started plants, tomatoes, peppers, and two varieties of squash. They are doing quite well. See pictures below!
Looking forward to seeing you all!

PS. Wanted to share with you two upcoming plant sales:

5/10 – Rodale Institute – 10AM – 4PM —
5/10, 5/12 – The Seed Farm – 9AM-3PM SAT, 11AM-2PM SUN —

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