Garden Updates — 05/09/2019

Hey Everyone,

Last Saturday, I was able to remove the bags of garbage and get one of the two lawn mowers to the shop. Unfortunately, the owner said the Craftsman would not likely be repairable. However, he was willing to take a look at the Toro as that sounded more hopeful.

I was also able to deliver 187 lbs. of alkaline batteries to the recycling along with some of the church’s fluorescent bulbs. Those batteries would have otherwise ended up in the landfill, however it at $0.75/lb. the cost is quite high. Going forward, I will be accepting contributions towards that effort.

I’m looking for some help Saturday morning, with some continued work on the fencing, as well as loading up that other lawn mower, to take to the shop. Please let me know if you can lend a hand for an hour or two Saturday. Preferably 9AM or 10AM weather permitting.

Our plants are doing well, and Deb Ace gave us several lettuce plants.


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