Garden Updates — 07/14/2019 — 21 lbs. Donated.

Hello Gardeners,


I wanted to share that we made our first donation for the season.  We had several large cucumber as well as the first of some squash.  Will also be seeing what can be picked tonight and adding that with Chris F.’s zucchini in a drop off Monday morning.


07/11/2019 – 21 lbs. – Trinity Soup Kitchen –Radishes, Cucumber, Squash, Zucchini, beans.



As things start to accelerate their growth, so are the weeds.  It’s important to try to keep your plots weeded, especially as the hot weather continues and people are getting up there less frequently.  I’d like to plan our next workday on July 21st around 11:30AM.  A group of us should be able to quickly catch up on maintenance and weeding.


The lawn mower is in working order and available for anyone willing to mow inside the garden.  Just be careful when starting to be on the lookout for mice.  Even after the repair, you can see in the enclosed image that a nest was built inside the mower and it almost caught fire.


I installed the gate posts, which should make securing the garden much easier.  As I continue to secure the fencing, groundhog continue to find ways in.  Please use fencing around your beds where possible.


Thanks and look forward to seeing you all soon.




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