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Garden Updates — 08/19/2019 –142 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners,

We are now up to 142 lbs. donated, however, our harvest continues to be on the light side.  We’re hoping some of the recent rainfall will perk up those tomatoes a bit.  The squash plants may be about done for the season, not sure if they will hang in there or not!

I’m looking for someone to volunteer mowing this week.  Please let me know if you can do it!

Also thought this is an interesting read: https://www.mcall.com/news/local/nazareth/mc-nws-bangor-main-street-market-food-desert-20190815-zaabscfbwbd77djfnemzlng27y-story.html


Some donations to report:

08/15/2019 – 5 lbs. – Trinity Soup Kitchen – Peppers, Cucumbers, tomatoes, beans.

08/19/2019 – 10 lbs. – Trinity Soup Kitchen – Peppers, Beans, Tomato, Squash, Zucchini




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