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Garden Updates — 08/26/19 — 179 lbs. Doanted

Hello Gardeners,


We’ve had a couple decent sized harvests the last few days.  Tomatoes are starting to change color and ripen.  It’s good to get these for harvest on the early side, as I’m seeing quite a few that are getting soft spots or insects are burrowing into.  If we catch the produce early it’s no problem to let it ripen indoors!  We also had a great couple of donations of beans!  Really appreciate that.

Wanted to give a shout out to Chris F. for mowing the garden and trimming along the fence.  It certainly looks much better, and I really appreciate the help.

Some donations to report:

08/23/2019 – 15 lbs. – Second Harvest Food Bank – Beans, Cucumber, Squash Tomatoes

08/26/2019 – 22 lbs. – Northeast Ministries – Beans, Peppers, Acorn Squash, Tomatoes




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