Garden Updates — 10/21/2019 — 345 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners,


We conclude the growing season with 345 lbs., with some nice squash and garlic from Wendy A.  Also, was able to get 2 nice cabbages from Sue K.’s garden.  This was definitely our lowest producing yield, and we will want to talk about changes for next year.  I’m looking for your feedback in how to make things better.


I will not be taking any more donations for this season, but if you have anything to add and are willing to take to the food bank on you own, New Bethany, Trinity Soup Kitchen, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Northeast Ministries all accept donations.


The rain was a bit of a damper on the final clean-up efforts on Sunday.   However, it is still expected per the garden covenant that you will clean your raised bed at the end of the season.  I will be reaching out to some of you with reminders in the next day or so.


Thanks again for your effort this season, and look forward to seeing you soon.


We have some donations to report:

10/10/2019 – 7 lbs. – Second Harvest Food Bank – Peppers

10/15/2019 – 10 lbs. – Second Harvest Food Bank – Peppers, Tomatoes

10/21/2019 – 78 lbs. – Second Harvest Food Bank – Peppers, 2 Cabbages, Scallions, Big Squash & Garlic




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