Garden Updates — 06/01/2020 — Checking In!

Hello Gardeners,

Just wanted to give a shout out to recognize the outstanding work everyone has done.  Most plots have been planted, and many of the extra tomatoes and peppers have been planted, although I think we still have a small number remaining!?

Shout out to Becky H. for watering, and to Ben M. for mowing, as well as Rich C. and Sue K. for help with planting.  We re-tilled a nice section in the open area and planted a number of peppers and tomatoes.    The rain barrel was filled last week, and I will check again tomorrow.  I continue to be awe and in great appreciation of everyone’s effort.  Good job everyone!

In other news I took in 94 lbs. of alkaline batteries to be recycled as well as a few florescent bulbs.  Since the main electronics recycling events have been postponed, the place I took them to charged a bit of a premium.  We are about $100 short of donations that have previously covered.  As you know our mission is to keep these batteries out of landfills, and it is becoming more expensive.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, please let me know.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather, and watching their gardens grow.

If anyone hasn’t planted their plot, please do soon to ensure a good harvest.  If you still owe for your plot please let me know, or send a check for $30 to the church with garden written on the memo line.

Stay well, and look forward to seeing you soon.

In Peace,


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