Garden Updates — 07/09/2020 — 36 lbs. Donated

Hi Everyone,

Was able to drop off our latest produce at New Bethany this morning.  Thank you all who contributed.  I found Rich’s produce and two more bags this morning, terrific!  About 17 lbs. in all, which brings out total to 36 lbs.  We are mowed (though I was a little over zealous on the weed management and accidentally mowed over some pepper plants in the open area – oops!), and with a few storms probably at least reasonably well watered.  Thank you Rich for arranging that rain 😊.  Don’t forget to continue weeding your bed, the weeds love the rain as much as your veggies do!

07/09 — New Bethany Ministries — 17 lbs. Turnips, Squash, Beans, Radishes

I wanted to pass along that as we plan for re-opening, Pastor Candy is looking for people willing to serve as volunteers.  This includes ushers, greeters, temperature screeners, and sanitation volunteers. (If you would like to serve on one of these teams., please contact Pastor Candy) These volunteers, as the reopening Team has planned, will be the initial group that will be the first to resume in-person worship at Wesley Church.

Additionally, the Board of Trustees has issued a list of rules to follow as it relates to the church property.  Please review attached and follow these rules to the greatest extent possible so we are good stewards both to one another as well as the church and community.




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