Garden Updates – 09/04/2020 – 522 lbs. Donated & Happy Labor Day!

Hello Gardeners!

Hope everyone is doing well and ready for some nice weather following the few days of rain we have had, arranged by our very own Rich C!  This week we’ve had a little less produce, but in any case we are over the 500 lb. mark.  Becky and Rich have planted some nice fall crops that should help continue the harvests into the foreseeable future!  I want to thank everyone for their continued efforts and also wish everyone a Happy Labor Day.  Although your picnic or plans may look different in these times, we are expecting a lovely weekend!

Below are the latest donations:

08/17/2020 — Trinity Soup Kitchen — 10 lbs. Cherry Tomatoes, Beans, Zucchini

08/20/2020 — Trinity Soup Kitchen — 28 lbs. Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers – — Thanks for taking Rich (twice in one day)!




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