Garden Updates — 09/30/21 — 254 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners!

Welcome to fall everyone!  Produce is still flowing in.  Thanks Karen for the lovely potatoes.  Thank you Sue for the Sweet Potatoes.  We’ve had a nice box of beans from Wendy too.  Thank you Pastor Candy for the nice peppers.  On Monday I delivered a really nice box of assorted tomatoes.  Things are winding down, but we will still have a few weeks of produce left.  Thank you to everyone for donating produce. 

Was thinking of having a fall cleanup event on Saturday, October 16th 8AM, anyone have any thoughts on that?

Below are the latest donations:

08/30/2021 – New Bethany – 15 lbs.  – Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber

09/07/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 7 lbs.  – Carrots, Sweet Potatoes

09/13/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 15 lbs.  – Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Turnips, Cherry Tomatoes

09/16/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 8 lbs.  – Beans

09/20/2021 – New Bethany – 15 lbs.  – Tomatoes, Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes

09/24/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 7 lbs.  – Potatoes

09/27/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 13 lbs.  – Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes



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